Do you need help paying rent? Maybe this is not your first month and you are considering the different options you have to make the payment. One of the first things that we seek out during these times is an emergency loan to pay rent. However, there are other options available if you need help paying rent.

1. Personal Loan

One of the leading options, when you need help paying rent, is to get a loan for paying rent. A personal loan can be acquired through the traditional options of a bank, credit union, or finance loan company. You can even seek these loans out online through online lenders.

2. Emergency Cash Loans

Like a personal loan, emergency cash loans are readily available through online lenders. No matter your credit score, there is a lender available ready to offer an emergency loan to pay rent. As a borrower, however, you must be cautious of the terms, fees, and interest associated with these loans. Since they are open to customers with a variety of scores, they have a tendency to have their interest rates match their risks, often prompting high monthly payments.

3. Borrow From Friend or Family

If you need an emergency loan to pay rent, but do not want to be subjected to a credit check and extremely high-interest rates, seek out a friend or family member and ask for a loan. When you are seeking out this types of loan for paying rent, you want to be comfortable asking this type of favor from the person. Also, make sure that you are not asking someone who has recently experienced a personal or financial tragedy.

4. Get A Roommate

Are you finding yourself often in need of help paying rent? If so, consider getting a roommate to assist with your finances. A roommate will not only be helpful to rent, but they can split the monthly utilities in the home, suppressing the need for an emergency loan to pay rent and balancing your budget.

5. Extension From Landlord

If your funds are a little lower this month than expected, and you have been on time with your rent in the past, seek out your landlord for assistance. You may request an extension on your loan payment should you find yourself behind. If they agree to the extension, you could prevent yourself from obtaining an emergency loan to pay rent.

6. Call Your Creditors

Do you have several creditors that you owe monthly? If so, reach out to them and see what your options are for lowering your monthly payments. From car loan companies to credit cards, reach out to them to negotiate your options and seek out refinancing options where available.

7. Consolidate Debt

If you have several types of the same debt, consider having them consolidated into one loan amount. During this consolidation process, all the individual payments that you were paying monthly will be rolled into one payment with a lower interest rate, eliminating financial stress and eliminating a loan for paying rent.

8. Sell Your Junk

Do you have additional junk lying around? Old books, games, or perhaps furniture you are willing to part with? If so, have a yard sale on a sunny Saturday morning, and bring in some cash for rent. A few hours displaying your junk to the public can be rent money and treasures for several families.

9. Roll Your Change

Begin rolling your change that is in the couch cushions, counters, and in the car. Your local bank will give you free change roller papers, and be happy to take it back off of your hands after it is rolled. Swap it out for cash at the teller counter.

10. Sell Your Old Clothes

If you have clothes that you are willing to part with, display them also in your yard sale, or sale for cash at a local consignment shop. These stores are often looking to purchase trendy clothes from those who are no longer wearing them.


We all need help paying rent from time to time. When you need an emergency loan to pay rent or seek out more creative options to get rent money, there are always secret techniques available that will assist you with the rent. Consider what options are realistically available to you and take action.