On most construction sites, there are a lot of paper work that needs to be done. One of the most important of all the paper work is the field reports. This involved noting all the activities that go on in the construction site. Although project reporting can prove to be quite tedious due to the sheer number of things that needs to be regularly documented and reported, it is very important that project reporting be diligently carried out on a daily basis. These days however, technology seem to be catching up with a lot of fields and profession. These days, project managers, site supervisors and any other construction staff that might be responsible for project reporting have learnt to employ the use of technology in performing this tedious task, including using 1stincidentreporting.com tools.

There are some advantages of using the technology over the traditional way of documenting field reports. There are:

  • Legal Protection

There are bound to be lawsuits whenever there is a construction contract between one or more companies. There is always one party that unintentionally, or otherwise, breach a part of the contract. This may be due to oversight that stems from oversight on the construction site. However, using a well-documented, easy to read report prepared by field reporting apps can avoid these oversights.

  • Arresting Problems Early

Almost every big problem on the construction site started as a small, tiny problem that can be easily eradicated only if they were paid enough attention early enough. However, it is hard to observe all these small problems in the seas of paper work that would have been used to document all the field reports. However, this can be avoided if all the field work is rather on the cloud, easy to assess and read and contain complete details of the gradual progress of the project.

  • Allow More Visibility for Construction Supervisors and Executive

Supervisors, executives and firm heads may really desire to follow the progress of the company. However, it is really difficult to wade through the heap of paper that field reports are traditionally written in. These days however, the advent of cloud based field reporting solution have allowed supervisors and managers to follow the progress of the project in detail in a simple to read format.

  • Increase in Productivity

Technological driven field reporting can be quite beneficial for the progress of the on-site project. It is faster to report on site activities using cloud based platforms such as 1stincidentreporting.com. it allows for easy tracking of staff hours and also delivery schedules.