There’s nothing more irritating than to be stranded in the airport when you are on your trip, especially if you were really looking forward for a good vacation and you have really put all your effort to plan for it. Being stranded in the airport sucks, and we know it; there’s the noisy crowd, everyone is frustrated, and the whole surrounding seems like in a chaos. We know your agony and we know how it feels like to be stuck into an airport when your flight was delayed or it was cancelled. But, did you know that you can prepare on such things, prior on going into the airport? Well, yes. Before leaving for your flight, you can check the flight status of your flight on a flight tracking device like to check if there are any changes like delays or cancellation on your flight. Having knowledge on the status of your flight gives you an advantage to prepare for such an unfortunate event. Well, if you’re already at the airport and are already stuck in there for a short or a long period of time, you don’t need still to worry though, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the 8 things you can do at the airport when you are stranded:


  • Relax and be patient. Seriously though, when it comes to times like this, you should know how to relax and be patient. Don’t be rude especially to the airport personnel because it’s not their fault that your flight got delayed or cancelled. You can’t get anything good when you are irritated and when you talk to them in such a bad manner. Instead, be nice; we know you have your rights but being rude to one of the airport personnel is not included, nobody wants for a storm to come or for a mechanical failure to occur, so keep it cool and be nice. You wouldn’t know, you might be considered for a seat upgrade if you keep your patience.
  • Find your place at the airport lounge. Now, it might get you long for you to be able to board your flight because of some delay, so go and find a place at the airport lounge where you can put all your bags and luggage and where you can take a rest while waiting. Having a place to rest will help you keep your cool. 


    1. Eat something. It might still take you a while for you to board your flight and be on your destination, so go and grab something to eat while waiting. Airport food is also quite expensive, so be sure to bring your own snack, so you won’t really have to pay more for the food in the airport. Eating some comfort food is also a great way to calm your mind in a busy and chaotic place like the airport.


  • Get a rest and sleep. Don’t waste too much energy worrying about the things that are out of your control. What you have to realize here is that calamities and mechanical error is sometimes unavoidable and is out of your reach, simply put: you can’t do something about it. Save your energy for when you are in your destination and go get some sleep and rest while waiting for your flight.
  • Get some shopping done.  You might have realized that being stranded at the airport is out of your control, so be positive and instead, take the opportunity to get some shopping done. Check if you forgot or if you needed something that is still not on your bag and buy it in the nearest store at the airport. Some airport has good souvenir and gift shops where you can buy gifts that you haven’t bought yet. It is also a good opportunity for you to socialize with other people who got also stuck with you at the airport. 
  • Entertain yourself. It is so easy to blame other people for the events that you might consider unfortunate. Instead of doing it so, go and find something that may help you distract yourself from the buzzing and busy crowds at the airport. Bringing some gadgets or books for your travel is always a good idea when going on a trip as it keeps you busy and entertained when you are faced with such event like going through long waits at the airport.
  • Stay updated on what’s going on in your flight. Keep yourself updated for any news or information regarding your flight. This is the time where you really had to exercise more your patience as it would be very difficult to get proper information on the airline service agents and airport personnel. Everyone would be facing confusion for the turn of events, but don’t give up and keep on inquiring and be on the know.  Many airports also have free Wifi, so take advantage of it to check news that concerns the reason why your plane got delayed or got cancelled. Staying updated gives you an edge to prepare for a long wait at the airport, or to find some nearby hotel to book into when your flight got cancelled or delayed for a long period of time. 


  1. Tweet your experience and don’t forget to mention the airline or the company name. Sometimes venting out and sharing your experience on social media gives you more chance to be heard and to get help. Sending out tweets and mentioning the airline name sometimes may be a good way for the company to know your situation and give you an excellent service. Airline representatives also sometimes give the same suggestion.