They are not coming if you write it. However, if you promote it, you have a chance to compete.

The recommendation is right whether you’re publishing yourself or going to a traditional publisher. It is not enough to write your book. It is not enough to put something on a bookshelf. You have to come up with a unique and possible way to get readers ‘ attention so they can pick up your book or download it.

Luckily, you’ve found the right place, because today we’re going to discuss precisely how to grab the attention of readers via social media, while also focusing on how to increase your follower counts and user engagement.

Most writers can agree on one thing which is common, no matter what you write or how you want to publish: social media has redefined how books are promoted.

For a good book release, you no longer need to rely on the typical press system. Therefore, if you are not at the mercy of a publisher who wishes to sell your book to that community of bookstores. 

You don’t need a dollar in marketing resources to accomplish your goals.

You can market your book to millions of potential readers with a very well planned out social media campaign and a bit of creativity and determination.

The best part is, when trying to create content your audience would be using and appreciating, you no longer have to falter. Use these seven marketing tips on social media to boost your sales.

Any book writer or publisher must follow these tips to gain more visibility and reviews.

What is Social Media By The Way?

Social media is a digital tool that makes it possible for users to share content with the public quickly. Social media includes a wide variety of websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc..

7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Authors to Follow

Build Relevant Create a Facebook Community

Another most straightforward way to get your book promoted online is to build a Facebook group through your book topic and idea. By setting up a Facebook group, pages, and account for the subject of your book, you can quickly put together people who share common interests.

That doesn’t always mean having a Community for your book — even though you could! For fiction writers, it’s a useful method, and particularly those who write series.

If you want to keep the members of your community engaged and in touch with you. You need to regularly share posts, start a discussion around the book theme. In addition, you also have fun conversations between readers and authors alike.

Post Regularly

If you’d like more feedback, then you have to write regularly, post and publish, or perhaps even twice a day. This is especially true with billions of tweets going live daily on Twitter. The same with the hundreds

Posting ‘regularly’ may mean one author twice a day, and another once every three days. Post whatever frequency you feel entirely comfortable with, but make sure you don’t let your account go inactive for a week or more.

Determine and Understand Your Readers

Use your analytics on Facebook and Instagram to understand the ages and other demographic details of those who follow you and support you.

Understand what you can about your writing genre and the types of people who are following it.

Apply SEO to improve Your Social Media Visibility 

Your Facebook account description and its section are valuable. In reality, Google’s web crawlers will search for that information. With billions of users on Facebook, it’s important to make sure you are putting in the necessary time, work and effort to stand out from the crowd. It’s easy to create an account, but not so much to create one of value that continues to grow over time.

Using unique keywords relating to genres can help others find you when they have been searching for a particular genre to follow or when they are looking for new books to read.

Pay for Advertising

The idea that we can give all kinds of personal information to social media sites may not be acceptable in whatever dystopia we might find ourselves in the future. Still, this information may be booming for your marketing efforts for now.

The majority of social media platforms offer the possibility of ‘promoting’ content. You can get your book for just a few dollars before the highly targeted group of people your novel would interact with most of.

Launch a Twitter Campaign

Twitter is an effective marketing way of promoting your book and can help you drive sales and hit bestseller lists when it is used appropriately.

Here are some Twitter tips:

  • Keep the Book Title Short
  • Create a Unique #Hashtag
  • Decide on a Landing Page

These same methods can be applied to site rankings and serps as well, as social shares definitely play a key role in how well a site might rank in the Google search results.

Share Permalinks 

Share the permalinks of the feedback and updates from bloggers on your social media pages to spread awareness. For example, add “Read the complete blog” with the permalink leading back to the original blog post, when referencing a new review.

Follow Only the Best Social Media Marketing Tips

If you use it to promote your new book, create a passionate fan base, or establish links with your audience, social media has limitless possibilities.

However, you need to understand that social media and content marketing go hand in hand to get the full response. So it would be best if you refined your social media activities to bring attention organically on and platform.