To know how to negotiate it is not necessary to “be in the blood”. Just learn, just as we learn to read, walk or swim. With a lot of dedication, You can refer and practice, your chances of success and making a good deal will increase considerably.

Whether in your personal and / or professional relationships, the art of negotiation will give you “that little hand” to achieve success and find balance. And one of the main techniques that will help you at any point in your life, including the art of negotiation, is emotional intelligence, which will give you strength and understanding not to act on emotion.

If you are an entrepreneur, salesperson or customer (or a person who wants to learn how to negotiate), keep reading this article and learn some tricks to make a good negotiation. After all, having this gift can be an important differentiator for your career and personal life.

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What NOT to do during trading

Before getting to know the main tips for making a good negotiation, let’s point out attitudes you should avoid during the negotiation. After all, they can ruin all of your negotiation work. Come on?

Don’t control your emotions

This, without a doubt, is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Letting your emotional side take over your decisions will be a disaster. That’s when emotional intelligence comes into play.

Understand that emotional intelligence is not just looking at yourself, but also at the others around you. In this way, you will be able to develop the ability to observe and learn to find the best way to deal with the present situation. Incredible, isn’t it ?!

Another tip for learning to control emotions is to read some books on the topic, such as: “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman or “The Power of a Good Conversation” by Alexandre Henrique Santos. Don’t forget, be resilient!

Thinking that negotiating is synonymous with conflict

Negotiation is not a fight that has a winner. It is a friendly conversation in which it must end with a result that pleases both sides.

Furthermore, if you “attack” or belittle the other, you will be losing points. And, consequently, throwing your deal in the trash. And that’s not what you want, right?

Try to listen more and speak less. This way, you will be able to pay more attention, in addition to giving more time to think about what to say and also making the other person feel valued for being listening attentively, without interruption. Bet on it!

Focus on the famous clichés

Clichés, besides being tiring, can make your interlocutor lose confidence in your words.

Make your plans

We are tired of knowing that, for everything in life, we must have plans. It is in this way that you will have a north to achieve what you want. And that wouldn’t be any different in the negotiating world, would you agree?

So, try to sit down first, put your goals on paper and be sure to look the other way, at the person with whom you will negotiate. Ask yourself what her goals are. All of this analysis will provide you with a sea of ​​security and confidence.

Another good tip is to prepare yourself thinking further , on points like: “how to make a counterproposal of values”, “how to ask for a price reduction”, “how to ask for a discount from a supplier”. And, if it is your case, try to study some negotiation techniques in sales.

Think outside the “box”

We assume that this is not the first time that you have come across this phrase. For entrepreneurs and negotiators, thinking outside the box is paramount. It is nothing more than thinking differently from the others, in an innovative and creative way (which is in fact to come out of the tired pattern stipulated by society).

But how to do that? Read books that show negotiation techniques. Examples are: “How to reach yes – How to negotiate agreements without making concessions” by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patto and “The weapons of persuasion”, by author Robert Cialdini.

Learn to ask for discounts

Regardless if you are a salesperson, at one time or another you will also be the customer, right? So, learn some ways to ask for discounts and save. Is ready?

First of all, do a search for the values ​​of the products or services you want to purchase, this will give you more confidence when negotiating with the seller. Thus, you will have the cards up your sleeve to get your discount.

Another crucial point is to maintain your posture – remembering that previous concept of emotional intelligence – and to be firm in your decisions. But without losing your education, acting calmly and confidently in what you are talking about.

And if possible, make a cash payment, as cash can increase your chances of getting the discount.

Be friendly

Sympathy is everything! Don’t forget that you are dealing with a human being, just like you. He has feelings, he misses, he hits and he is delighted with those who treat him well. So, see him as a friend and not as an enemy – as stated above, negotiation is not a conflict, there are no rivals.

So, if you are pleasant, the person will feel confident to close the deal.

Feel prepared, because with all these golden tips in hand, you can already consider yourself a good negotiator. But, of course, the best learning to make a good negotiation will gain you with practice. Think about it!

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