Love them or hate them, silicone wristbands are here to stay. Popularized by cyclist Lance Armstrong to raise cancer awareness back in 2004, they have been the mainstay for pushing great causes and fundraisers, and have graced the interiors of many an event giveaway bag. However, no matter how great the cause, the bracelet won’t stand out and get its message across if it blends in with other wristbands. It does not take much to stand out nowadays, given the technology and creativity that goes in manufacturing wristbands. Here are some unique silicone wristband designs to get your message across in eye-catching ways:

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Wristbands

Glow-in-the-dark objects have always been used to spice up concerts and other events held in the dark, and have been known to brighten up a dark room just enough for children to fall asleep without fear. Not only are glow-in-the-dark wristbands trendy and cool to look at, they can also be used to illuminate otherwise difficult to spot participants of a night run, or any night event.

  • Cutout Wristbands

Wristbands pretty much have the same look to them, and often only vary by their color and lettering. Cutout wristbands stray away from the regular cut by tracing out the outline of the words. This allows for a more attention-grabbing silhouette that delivers great visual impact. This design is especially useful for people who tend to wear multiple wristbands at the same time. A cutout wristband with its unique silhouette will definitely stand out and direct more attention to your chosen message or cause. One design tip is to outline big, noticeable letters: it’s not as chunky as a wide wristband, but is easily visible.

  • LED Wristbands

Ever wanted to be as flashy as can be? With LED wristbands, you can do that quite literally. Tiny LED lights can be installed in the wristbands, and they can blink intermittently throughout the day. These flashy flashing wristbands are perfect for parties, concerts, and night events and are sure to be a winning hit with children. You can opt to have random blinking lights installed, or have them outline your choice of lettering to really put your message out there.

  • Wristband Attachments

Add more pizzazz to any regular silicone wristband by attaching things on it. It could be bells, tiny tokens, charms, and more. Aside from literally calling even more attention to your cause, it also adds to the general aesthetic of any regular silicone wristband which are known to be usually rather plain. You can get creative from there—you can customize your heart out!

  • Clear Wristbands

These are same as regular silicone wristbands in terms of dimensions, but they are usually either transparent or translucent. Its frosty appearance gives off a trendy, futuristic flair, and is great for those who are not enthusiastic about bold neon colors. It can come in white, clear, and even muted, pastel colors that seem to be the trend these days.

  • Pocketbands

These are silicone wristbands with a considerably greater width than regular wristbands. But the reason for its name is that it has a pocket built right in as a small, secure slot. It’s just enough space to slide in a key, or a spot of emergency cash. Its extra width allows for you to write your message as usual, but people will be glad to find such a convenient little feature when you finally give them away. It is especially useful for joggers and runners who want to go out without having to carry a bag!

By being creative with your wristband design, you not only make your individuality stand out, but you also bring more attention to the causes you support and advocate for.