It is a proven fact that ID cards have many benefits for the maintenance of the workplace and the company itself. Now, as much if you’re the employer or the employee, you may be familiar with its benefits, but still, it might be difficult to convince or to remind your staff to use it on their daily routine. Depending on the many uses of your company’s ID cards, forgetting it can cause a variety of problems, both for employees and the employer. From leaving people outside without being able to enter the office, to dealing with an unidentified person walking around and maybe even treating with some customers without proper identification.

Certainly, that doesn’t look good in a workplace, especially if it’s a company with direct customer support service. The question is how to inspire employees to wear them without a major inconvenient. Here are five ways to inspire your staff to wear their ID cards at every moment they’re at the office and keeping them happy at the same time.

Lead by Example

If, as an employer, you’re not following the rules your employees won’t do it either. In every working place, the best way to implement or teach a new measure or just promote some specific tasks is to give an example. In a healthy work culture, all adults must be in some way equals, no matter the job or the status they have. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re the president or the janitor, you must wear your ID card if the rules say so. Equality is a very inspiring and just way to make a change on your staff.

ID card for more than just identification

A very useful way to increase the importance of the ID card and make it indispensable for your employees is to make it do more than just identify the person. Nowadays, thanks to technology, an employee ID card can be used to have access to services like checking the ins and outs of a shift, open doors that are only for authorized staff and even making purchases at the snack machine or the cafeteria. Adding functionality to the card makes it more likely that an employee will remember it.

Make it look nice

In the business world, the image is very important, and that includes uniforms and any badge that personnel will have to use. So, the design of your company’s ID card is important, make it aesthetic and appealing. The presentation card of your employees should look nice. Also, include items on the card that the employee will want, give it personality. Or you could even give them options of how they want to show off their ID card, make it customizable. Let them choose how they’re going to carry it. Many organizations will fix a way for employees to carry in their cards, like a badge reel or a lanyard

Lanyards suit you

Many corporations offer some options for workers to wear their ID cards. The most common and practical accessory is the lanyards. What are lanyards? These are fabric necklaces with a pin at the end where the ID card can be easily hanged. Again, you can let the employees choose the way they want to wear it, make it fun and even fashionable for them.

Make it fun

It might seem a little silly but adding some entertainment can make a huge difference over the enthusiasm on using their ID cards, functioning as a reward for good behavior. Have a contest. Create a badge that matches the personal style of an employee. If someone forgets his/her card, and there’s enough trust between co-workers, give them a card with an “I forgot my badge” name on it. Try to get a discount on some products for whoever gets his/her card every day.

What’s most important in this kind of dynamics is not to make it look like tyrannical. Get tough, so your staff knows it’s a rule but make it fun at the same time. Try to reward your staff if they use their ID card properly and most important, don’t forget your own.