Back in the dark ages before the internet existed, if you wanted to find accessories or have a part replaced. It probably evolved driving all over the city seeing who has what available, or possibly waiting a month for them to order one in for you. Well not anymore, if you own a Miele here’s five parts you probably never knew where to buy.

Bag Springs

Like a paper cut that is just annoying enough to tolerate, but you really wish you could get rid of. A broken or missing vacuum bag spring will get a little bit more intolerable each time you go to use the machine. You could hold the bag in place with some tape until the dust wears it out, or hold it with your hand making the job much more difficult than intended. Or you can easily order one of these cheap and elusive parts from a great parts supplier and put that annoying problem to rest.

Vacuum Bags

There is a pretty good chance your machine came with an extra bag or two when you bought it, but now it’s full, and you’ve used the last one. If you keep stuffing in more dust, it’s just going to push through and make a mess rather than clean one up. You can get vacuum bags without even leaving your house. Just look up your Miele machine or part number and have some sent right to your home. It’s worth ordering extras, so you don’t run out.

Upholstery Nozzle

Who knew that there was quite literally a part for everything! Need to clean your upholstery without ruining the finish or compromising it with the sharp edge of the wrong attachment end. Especially if you have pets in the home, this is a must-have tool, get an upholstery nozzle and get your furniture looking new forever.

Dusting Brush

Those feather dusters look cute in the movies, but really you are just spreading the dust around and getting harmful particles into the air, then into your lungs. Pick up a Miele dusting brush and get dusting while sucking up the dust at the same time. It’s a great addition to any cleaning set, and a must-have for the homeowner that takes pride in a job well done.


Your machine came with a filter and when it’s time for a new one, you can either replace it with a basic air cleaner, or upgrade to something like a Hepa filter. If you want to ensure that air you are breathing is clean and better for your health, why not invest in premium Miele spares, like a genuine Hepa filter.

When you own a Miele appliance, you’ll be happy to know you made a great choice. Don’t stop there; get as much work out of that quality machine as possible with great spare parts and additions from a company like A great place to accessorise or replace parts for your Miele machine.