Photosynthesis is the chemical reaction to where light is used as energy to create Carbon Dioxide, Water and Glucose. ALL living things depend on this process as every living thing depends on the organic molecules synthesised by this process. Without photosynthesis, we wouldn’t be here. So let’s take a minute to appreciate this process and find out some crazy facts about this important factor in the world we live in!

Most of the world oxygen produced by photosynthesis doesn’t actually come from the plant life above ground!
That’s right! It has been in a recent study that it has been found out that only 30% of the world’s oxygen produced by plant life is from the rainforest. So where does the other 70% come from? The ocean. Yes. You heard that correctly! The process used by this plant life is called Phytoplankton Photosynthesis. Insane right?

So, if we know that the ocean life gives us more oxygen, where do they get the light?

Did you know there are TWO types of photosynthesis? You have Light Dependant and Light Independent photosynthesis. Also, it is believed that the ocean plant life can actually retrieve small amounts of light from things called Hydrothermal Vents!

There’s also many factors which can change the speed of photosynthesis!

These factors include the strength of light, the amount of water and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. All plants have different ratios! Such as when you grow things using a controlled environment like in Hydroponics, the use of DWC systems is one thing that can speed up the process.

The size and shape of various plants also adapt to their environment to allow this process to happen.

For example, the cone like shape of a pine tree enables it’s needles to catch more sun as this plant is a Light Dependant type. The better the shape for the pine, the more sunlight it gets and the taller it grows.

Does all this talk of light have you wondering how light can even be converted into this energy?

Because it’s a really interesting reaction that happens through a specific cell called Chlorophyll. The light is absorbed by Chloroplasts which contain the Chlorophyll. What happens is that some of the plants energy is used within the Chlorophyll to take the main substances from the light, carbon dioxide and

It’s amazing how this process fuels all of our lives and how without it, you couldn’t have read this!