If you’re extremely passionate about something and are considering turning that passion into a successful business in California, you are not alone. According to the U.S. Small Business Association, there were over 3.8 million small businesses registered in California in 2017 alone. Owning a small business can be a rewarding and exciting adventure. Contrary to what most people believe, starting a business in California is achievable with the right guidance. Here are 4 easy steps to begin turning your passion into a business in California.

1) File for a CA Seller Permit

This is the first step to starting a small business. If you’re planning on selling any type of merchandise, you will need a seller’s permit. Fastfilings.com takes the stress out of applying for a seller’s permit in California. They are the top filing service in California and the process is quick and simple. If you plan on conducting business in Los Angeles or San Diego, you will need to file for a Business License. Fastfilings.com can easily file Los Angeles and San Diego business licenses for you.

2) Build a Website

In order to make your business professional and accessible, you’ll need a website. Depending on the business that you are starting, you may need an ecommerce platform to safely sell merchandise online. An all-in-one service that includes website and an ecommerce platform where you can easily control your inventory, sales, and analytics is recommended for organization and simplicity.

3) Gather Materials

Depending on the type of business you are starting, it will be crucial to gather everything you’ll need to get things going, whether that includes acquiring merchandise or setting up a service that you will be offering. If your business requires the shipping of items, you’ll need to look into purchasing shipping supplies and finding an affordable shipping service. Make sure you also have the basics for running a business, such as a working computer, fast internet, business email and phone, and a quiet space to conduct business.

4) Create Social Media Pages

Make sure you start creating social media pages for your business and that you begin to build a loyal following on those platforms. Our society today is constantly connected through social media and it is a great way to spread the word about your business. This will also allow you to easily create advertisements through various social media platforms later on.

Owning a small business is a great start for a passionate entrepreneur looking to add more substance to their work life. The journey will be worth it. Don’t forget to start first by applying for a seller’s permit through fastfilings.com to make your business legitimate. Good luck!