Are you thinking about using customized ribbon for the purpose of marketing your business?  It could be a very good idea if you plan appropriately.  Ribbon is versatile and mostly affordable and, most importantly, easily customized for so many different marketing options.


If you work for a company that regularly attends and exhibits at trade shows that this type of marketing should definitely be in your repertoire. Basically, large scale customized double faced ribbon is miniature banner that you can use to tie up gift bags or other small items that you might give away at these events. Whether you simply want to tie up gift bags of candy or you have pens or key chains, etc, you can add one of these specialty items to improve each things’ marketing impact.Image result for 3 Ways to Use Customized Corporate Branded Ribbons

Customized, double faced corporate branded ribbons ensure that no matter the size of the event or the size of your company you are able to give people something that can bring them back to you long after the event is over. If that sounds enticing to you, consider these options for gift supplier in singapore:

    • rolled up company tee shirts secured with a  customized double faced corporate branded ribbon
    • customized double faced corporate branded ribbon ties for candy and other goodie bags
    • customized double faced corporate branded ribbon as a bookmark for a company pamphlet or book recommended by leadership


Not all companies sell or market physical products, but if you work for one these more traditional companies then you should really consider personalizing your ribbons.  Again, you can simply use the ribbon to tie up gift bags or baked goods. Use a logo ribbon in a corporate presentation folder or just use ribbon as a means to finish up a gift wrapped item.


Ribbon is most often used—particularly in holiday gift wrapping—as decoration so that could also be a smart way for you to use your customized double faced corporate branded ribbon.  Anytime you order materials, deliver products, service your clients, you can attach your decorative branded ribbon in unique ways to ensure that those who frequent your business will never forget who you are (and, perhaps, share your information with other potential customers).  You can use the ribbon to not only tie up sacks and other items but, again, can be used as a decoration for just about anything: wear it on your lapel or on a name tag at an industry event.