Brandies are always a luxury beverage. It can add sophistication to the place easily. It brings in elegance to many social occasions like weekend parties; get together, business meetings, etc. Luxury is always expensive. As brandies are costly, one needs to put in great effort to select the right flavour for the right occasion

Here is a guide to select the right brandy


Decide on the occasion. Choose if it is for personal use or a holiday or a casual night. It can even be gifted to a friend. If it is for personal use, one can even go for an inexpensive option. On the other hand, go for expensive brandies like Champagne if it is for special someone or if the occasion is really special.

Types of Brandy

There is a great variety of brandy in the market. The description of the product says all about it. It will tell the buyer if it is distilled. If yes, then how and where was the process done. Longer the age tastier is the brandy. Therefore look for its age while buying it. The age is different from the manufactured date. Manufacturing in the brandy business is just sealing. This information can be read on the product page if one is buying online. The online brandy companies like Brandy shop support their customers to hire reliable courier company to deliver their customised brandy.

There are various types of brandy like those sold in the brandy shop like fruit brandy, plum brandy and Croatia brandy. Croatia is the variety of world’s top brandys that are distilled in Croatia.


There are many countries that impose taxes to import brandy. Therefore know the taxes on the brands being imposed locally before selecting the brand. Some shops even provide concessions on such taxed brandy.  For instance, the brandy shop does not charge custom duty for its EU customers. However, the excise duty and VAT are included in the price.

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