We all have those things we wish we’d known before we reached a certain age or milestone in our lives, and multi-level marketing is no different. From Mary Kay to Avon or ASEA, wouldn’t it be nice to know what to expect prior to reaching that age, milestone, or point in your career?

Here we’ve compiled 3 things we wish we’d known before we began our journey in multi-level marketing, and hope this knowledge will help you avoid some of the common obstacles that arise for many direct sellers when starting out.

The Truth About Multi-Level Marketing

While multi-level marketing has developed a bad rap in the past, the legitimate companies that lasted have benefitted the lives of countless representatives who have signed up to sell their products, while the actual get-rich-quick schemes have disappeared from the market. Before you write off multi-level marketing as nothing more than a scam, it’s time to take another look and do some research—you may come to find that a multi-level business is the perfect fit for you.

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1. Choose the Best Company for You

There is a lot to consider prior to committing to one multi-level marketing company. The success of your business has a lot to do with the company you choose to work for and the products you sell. It’s important to do thorough research prior to signing up with any company to make sure it’s the best fit for you.

Choose a Product You Can Believe In

The best way to find success in multi-level marketing is to get to know your product inside and out. Choose a company  that offers a product you believe in, and that you can stand behind. Most customers will be interested in your own personal experience, and how the product has changed your life, so using the product yourself is a necessity. You can also choose a company with a unique product offering, like ASEA, so you can set yourself apart from competitors.

2. Start Strong

Once you’ve signed on with a company you believe in, it’s time to get to know the product. If your company sells more than one product, try to test each one and see how they work for you. The more experience you have with the products, the easier it’ll be to help customers find the best one to fit their needs and convince anyone on the fence to give them a try.

Utilize Your Resources

From the day you sign on, you’ll be placed on a team, and given a mentor and several other upline resources to turn to for help. Use them. Everyone in your upline wants you to succeed, so listen to what they have to say and take their advice–they have more experience than you and can give you helpful tips to grow your business.

Get Involved

Attend conferences and conventions, participate in conference calls, and go to meetings—get involved every way you can. The more people you meet, the more resources you’ll have for both support and advice.

3. Build a Strong Business

Continue increasing your knowledge of the product you’re selling to help build your business. Use social media to your advantage to share your story and talk about all the ways these amazing new products have changed your life for the better. Once you’ve started adding members to your team, take the time to focus on helping them strengthen their own businesses.

Spread the Word

In addition to networking online, it’s important to network in your local area, too. Sign up for a booth at the farmer’s markets, festivals, and other local events. The more you put yourself out there and spread the word about your business, the more sales you’ll make, and the faster your team will grow.

Be Bold and Never Give Up

Now that you know how to get started, it’s time to be bold, be brave, and never give up on your dream of building your own business!