Traveling between Canada and the United States is typically a pretty simple process.  Crossing the border can take a little while, of course, but it typically just involves answering a few questions and maybe a vehicle inspection.  However, if you regularly cross the border—or if you think you might be moving to Canada—you should become better acquainted with the various duties, fees, taxes, and other rates that could accompany that crossing.

Consulting with professional Clearit customs brokerage could help in this case.  But to get you started, here are a dozen goods categories and their associated Goods and Services Taxes and Harmonized Sales Tax.Related image

CATEGORY 1:  You could pay a 20% duty and 5% GST/HST on the following:.

    • linens
    • curtains
    • towels
    • bedding
    • carpeting
    • roller skates
    • sleeping bags
    • ice skates
    • life jackets
    • life belts

CATEGORY 2:  You could pay an 18% duty and 5% GST/HST on all clothing and footwear.

CATEGORY 3:  You could pay a 7% duty on basic, non-taxable groceries including:

    • dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, yogurt)
    • produce
    • bread
    • baked goods (pies, cakes)
    • eggs
    • frozen fruits and vegetables
    • fresh and frozen meat
    • canned foods
    • pasta
    • medications

CATEGORY 4:  You could pay an 8% duty and 5% GST/HST on a massive variety of consumer products, which could include:

    • audio/video equipment
    • electronics
    • ceramics
    • watches
    • kitchen appliances
    • light bulbs
    • handbags
    • sports and exercise equipment
    • lighting fixtures
    • tools
    • cameras and film
    • vacuum cleaners
    • tires
    • cookware
    • machinery
    • bicycles/tricycles
    • cosmetics and toiletries

CATEGORY 5:  You may only have to pay the standard 5% GST/HST for the following possessions:

    • antiques
    • cassette tapes and recorders
    • computer parts and related equipment
    • flashlights
    • glassware
    • breadmakers
    • calculators
    • fax machines
    • rice cookers
    • motorcyle parts
    • sewing machines
    • toasters
    • video game consoles and peripheral equipment
    • answering machinescurling irons

CATEGORY 6: This category includes all goods that are exempt from Provincial Sales Tax (PST).

CATEGORY 7: You could pay the standard 5% GST/HST on all books

CATEGORY 8 through 12:

There are various fees and duties assigned to these categories which are basically different classifications of beer, liquor, and wine, cigarettes and other tobacco products.